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Fed up of trying to get away from it all, only to find that when you get there it's full of other tourists? And they are all trying to do the same thing?

Are you looking for a unique holiday experience that has everything you can imagine?

Then Madagascar is the country you have been searching for. The breathtaking landscape and the exceptional wildlife will blow you away. It is fascinating, colorful, exotic, and full of smiling faces.

I run a tour company in Antananarivo, primarily providing tours or transportation services for the many routes within Madagascar. We have experienced guides and drivers who speak good French and English, so be ready to enjoy, as we share with you our beautiful country. Together we will visit and explore the best places to see, photographing a range of our island`s wildlife, including lemurs, chameleons, leaping lemurs, tortoises, boas, lizards, weird insects and bizarre plants.

The best part of this is all of our wildlife are not dangerous to man. My tours emphasize hands on fun and local interaction as you travel as guests in all the regions on my island. I personally plan all the trips, based on my own experiences, including the area's most rich in fascinating wildlife and scenery.

The fauna and flora are truly unique. Most species are indigenous only to Madagascar, as is the exceptional hospitality of the local people we shall meet en route. We offer a range of tour plans ,each with a variety of amenity levels from semi luxury to true adventure.

Come to this tropical continent where few folks will ever venture in their lives. However, if you want to visit somewhere I have not listed, or change the duration of the trip, then please contact me with your ideas.

I promise I will try to move heaven and earth to make your tour with our services the most unforgettable vacation you'll ever experience!.
Please request your tour with descriptions and e-mail us anytime or telephone me anytime and ask for Benjamin.

Always with a smile

Mr Raveloarimanana Benjamin


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